Crown Jewels

As @BeefeaterDave pointed out to us, these jewels are real. They are not copies, fakes, faux gems or cubic zirconia, they are the real Crown Jewels. From memory the conversation went something like this; "Now ladies, when you go into the building next door make sure you see the Sovereign's Sceptre. When you find the... Continue Reading →


Did you know that Big Ben is actually the nickname of the bell inside the tower and not the clock itself? Well you do now 😉


A hearty combination of roast beef and Spitfire Ale. "The pride of Britain's oldest brewer, Shepherd Neame. Head brewer Richard says the Kentish hops in our signature brew give the perfect zesty punch to the rich roasted beef." So what else would a good British national like Heidi eat in Laos 😉

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