Crown Jewels

As @BeefeaterDave pointed out to us, these jewels are real. They are not copies, fakes, faux gems or cubic zirconia, they are the real Crown Jewels. From memory the conversation went something like this;

“Now ladies, when you go into the building next door make sure you see the Sovereign’s Sceptre. When you find the sceptre check out the Cullinan I diamond positioned at the top.”

Beefeater Dave was a ruggedly handsome man who held the ladies in thrall, but the mention of the word ‘diamond’ seemed to snap them out of their daydreams.

“Also known as the Star of Africa it is the largest diamond ever found, weighing in at around 530 carats.”

The collective drooling in the Chapel Royal of St Peter ad Vincula was disgusting.

“Have a long hard look at this diamond ladies and then gaze down at the ring finger of your left hand.”

Uh oh, where was he going with this?

“See that tiny little thing that you husband, boyfriend, fiancé has given you.”

Low blow Dave.

“Take another look at the Cullinan I.”

Don’t do it Dave.

“Now slap your partner.”

Bloody Beefeaters 😉

Sorry there are no pictures of the jewels, but photography was forbidden :-/

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