Life on the Ocean

Out with the Krew many weekends, there is nothing like life on the ocean in Muscat.  For three quarters of the year the temperatures in Muscat get to well into the 30’s, often the 40’s and for the summer time the only chance to get outside is to be on the ocean, everywhere else is just... Continue Reading →

Local Shopping in Muscat

You can get pretty much anything here -  some stores even stock pork in sections for non-muslims (the local version of turkey 'bacon' does not appeal I must admit). There are also a lot of western clothing shops - Next, Monsoon, Matalan etc, along with the usual assortment of techie, chemists and jewelry shops etc. What... Continue Reading →

Located in the grounds of the old Ayutthura city is the temple of Wat Phra Si Sanphet.  It includes the tombs of three Kings. Wat Phra Si Sanphet was the holiest temple on the site of the old Royal Palace in the ancient capital.  It housed a gold Buddah 16 meters high (over 300 kg of gold) and... Continue Reading →

Port Arthur

Port Arthur is a small town and former convict settlement on the Tasman Peninsula, in Tasmania, Australia. The site forms part of the Australian Convict Sites, a World Heritage property consisting of eleven remnant penal sites originally built within the British Empire during the 18th and 19th centuries on fertile Australian coastal strips. Collectively, these... Continue Reading →

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