Last Lao King

Chao Anouvong, also known by the regal name of King Xaiya Setthathirath V is the last king of the former Lao kingdom of Lane Xang, who ruled from 1805 - 1828. The statue pictured below and the surrounding parklands are a memorial to a man perceived locally as one of the countries most cherished leaders.... Continue Reading →

Wat Si Saket

Wat Si Saket is perhaps the oldest surviving Buddhist temple in Vientiane after the Siamese army sacked the city in 1827. It was built by King Anouvong c1818 in a traditional Thai style and named after a sister temple, Wat Saket, in Bangkok. It is believed that the use of Siamese architecture in the construction... Continue Reading →

The COPE centre

Understated, tucked into the ground of the Centre of Medical Rehabilitation in Vientiane, Laos, the COPE visitor centre tells incredible stories of survival and challenges today. More than two million tonnes of bombs – “one tonne for every Lao citizen” fell on Laos between 1964 and 1973.  Laos is most heavily bombed country on Earth,... Continue Reading →

Lizards Dropping

The Ban Thongkang Cafe on Sokpaluang Road in Vientiane (near the Siavonne market), is one of those hidden gems you often read about in travel books. Our fascinating host is very friendly and always ready for a chat. Along with her many stories of cooking in Paris with her francophone husband, and boating across to... Continue Reading →

Dusty, Wat?

Did I mention the other day that it was dry and dusty here in Laos? Well here is a shot of Wat Amphone from the Laos / Thai road. And here's the same Wat photographed by Google Streetview in September 2014

Vientianale International Film Festival

The Vientianale International Film Festival celebrates the art of film and the diversity of Lao culture in the country’s capital, Vientiane. The annual festival showcases an exciting program of international feature and short films, emerging as an important platform for local filmmakers to screen their works. The Mini Vientianale International Short Film Festival returns to... Continue Reading →

Crazy Canine

This is my cousin's dog. His name is Benny and he stands about six inches off the ground. He's also very old, well for a dog anyway, and he only has about four teeth left. Benny also has a lung condition that requires medication. He coughs a lot, the poor little fellow, and sometimes he... Continue Reading →

We have been here for exactly four weeks now.  A lot has happened.  We have got ourselves mobile on bikes, I have enrolled in Lao language classes, Matthew has started his internship at Vientiane International School and even done the odd spot of teaching.  What is it like here? We arrived by small plane (the... Continue Reading →

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