Crazy Canine

BennyThis is my cousin’s dog. His name is Benny and he stands about six inches off the ground.

He’s also very old, well for a dog anyway, and he only has about four teeth left.

Benny also has a lung condition that requires medication. He coughs a lot, the poor little fellow, and sometimes he really struggles hard to breathe. When he has a coughing fit he sounds like a seal barking for a fish and then does an impression of Donald Duck.

He was probably a smoker in a previous life 😉

He’s short, fuzzy and fearless.

“Why fearless?” I hear you ask.

This is a snake.Snake

It is two to three feet long, dark brown to black in colour and was found in our front yard late last night, eating a toad.

I’m not sure what type of snake it is, possibly a rice paddy snake or a rat snake.

I don’t know how poisonous it is either, but I suspect only mildly.

The point is that Benny the toothless doofus decided to tackle a serpent twice his size last night and the only way to separate them was to whack him on the head with a shovel – the snake of course, not the dog 🙂

Well done Benny, protecting your family from the slithering menace!

Crazy canine.

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