Islamic Art and Architecture Vol. 3 – Finery

Here are some of the finer things in life including the emerald wine cup (above) from India c1605. Wait! What? Wine?? 😉

18th century Ottoman wooden chest inlaid with mother-of-pearl. There is a mirror inside the box (not visible here) that suggests it was used by an elite member of the court.


Jewel encrusted Chopat (game set) from India c19th century


Bronze Fountainhead, Spanish Umayyad, Spain (Cordoba), mid 10th century.


Decorative silver sphere encrusted with rubies, emeralds and diamond. C1680 – India.


The Seal of Shah Sulayman of Iran carved from rock crystal c1668 – 1669.


Jeweled Falcon from India c1640. Gold and enamel encrusted with rubies, emeralds, diamonds, sapphires and onyx.


Shirazi Wooden Chest from the Arabian Gulf – 18th century. Decorated with brass studs and engraved brass sheets.

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