I Love Laos’ Chaos

This little beauty appeared on the J&C Expat Services website a couple of days ago

No More Right Turns On Red Traffic Lights: Lao Police

Source: Laonationaltelevision Tnl

As of yesterday, according to this report of the Lao National TV, it’s forbidden to take a right turn on a red traffic light, unless there is an additional green arrow light (apart from the main signal light) present and flashing.

green arrow

Not following this rule will result in fines of Kip 700’000 for cars and Kip 300’000 for motorbikes.

There was no mention of going straight ahead through a red light (which multitudes or locals do every day),

…or riding your motorbike on the footpath whenever you feel you want to,

…or the amount of passengers a motorbike may carry at any one time (the most I’ve ever seen is six),


I miss living in Laos.

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