Chasing Waterfalls

Here is a collection of waterfall images taken from various parts of Champasak province in southern Laos. The featured image is Tad Fane twin waterfall from the Bolaven Plateau. It is the highest waterfall in Laos with a drop of over one hundred metres and is located only a few kilomteres from Paksong town.

The E-Tu Waterfall (below) on the Bolaven Plateau, lies within the grounds of the Baan E-Tu Waterfall Resort.

The Tad Yeung Waterfall, also on Bolaven Plateau, is more easily accessible than Tad Fane or E-Tu. Tourists can climb to the bottom with relative ease and swim in the chilly waters at the base during the dry season, however the stairs can be slippery so be careful.

The Liphi Waterfall is located on Don Khone Island, which is part of the 4,000 islans area of southern Laos.

Liphi Waterfall on Don Khone Island
Liphi Waterfall on Don Khone Island

Southeast of Don Khone Island lies the largest waterfall in Asia, and the reason that the Mekong is not fully navigable into China. The Khone Phapheng falls discharge approximately 11,000 cubic metres of water per second and the rapids stretch for almost ten kilometres along the course of the river.

Khone Phapheng Waterfall near the border with Cambodia
Khone Phapheng Waterfall near the border with Cambodia


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