Lizards Dropping

The Ban Thongkang Cafe on Sokpaluang Road in Vientiane (near the Siavonne market), is one of those hidden gems you often read about in travel books. Our fascinating host is very friendly and always ready for a chat. Along with her many stories of cooking in Paris with her francophone husband, and boating across to... Continue Reading →

Dusty, Wat?

Did I mention the other day that it was dry and dusty here in Laos? Well here is a shot of Wat Amphone from the Laos / Thai road. And here's the same Wat photographed by Google Streetview in September 2014

Impossible Shrooms

It's springtime in Laos and we are in the middle of a very long dry spell. There has been no rain since January and temperatures are peaking in the high 30s and, occasionally, the early 40s (for our American friends, that's well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit). Birds are dropping out of the sky, geckos are... Continue Reading →


A hearty combination of roast beef and Spitfire Ale. "The pride of Britain's oldest brewer, Shepherd Neame. Head brewer Richard says the Kentish hops in our signature brew give the perfect zesty punch to the rich roasted beef." So what else would a good British national like Heidi eat in Laos 😉

Vientianale International Film Festival

The Vientianale International Film Festival celebrates the art of film and the diversity of Lao culture in the country’s capital, Vientiane. The annual festival showcases an exciting program of international feature and short films, emerging as an important platform for local filmmakers to screen their works. The Mini Vientianale International Short Film Festival returns to... Continue Reading →

Champasak Province

Champasak Lao: ຈຳປາສັກ [càmpàːsák]) is a province in southwestern Laos, near the borders with Thailand and Cambodia. It covers an area of 15,415 square kilometres (5,952 sq mi). It is bordered by Salavan Province to the north, Sekong Province to the northeast, Attapeu Province to the east, Cambodia to the south, and Thailand to the... Continue Reading →

Don Khone Island

Don Khone Island (also known as Don Khong, Done Khone and Don Khon) is one of the many islands that comprise Si Phan Don (Four Thousand Islands) and is located in the Mekong just north of the Cambodian border, in the heart of the province of Champasak. Don Khone is a relatively small island, which... Continue Reading →

Phu Salao – The Golden Buddha

Just outside of the city of Pakse and across the Lao-Nippon Bridge aka the 'Japanese bridge' is Phu Salao, the temple of the Golden Buddha. We took 35 students there (average age around 14) in October and then had to convince them to climb the stairs :-/ What started off as a tribute to Led... Continue Reading →

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